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FATAL SUCCESSION a Sam Pierce Novel by Robert Donnelly is a thriller that deals with a political conspiracy. The conspiracy begins on the second day of a Presidential vacation. The President narrowly escapes from the attack on his life. He survived but is left missing and proclaimed dead. The Vice President, Speaker of the House and the Secretary of State were not as fortunate and fall victim within moments of the inital attack. By the next morning the incumbent administration collapses. With a potential constitutional crisis looming, Congress panicked and rushed to appoint a former President as the Acting President. Within days he was elevated to the Presidency. Finding and divulging the truth behind the conspiracy was left to Sam Pierce, an advisor and close personal friend of the Presidents.
FATAL SUCCESSION is available through Amazon for the Kindle and Barnes & Noble for the Nook. It may also be downloaded to your I-Pad, all for the bargin price of $0.99.